Christmas on the Peninsula

Help needed

Volunteers needed for the Christmas on the Peninsula Festival

3 weeks before the Festival:

Poster distributors: 2 volunteers @ 2 hours each distributing posters to businesses and organizations on the Semiahmoo Peninsula.

6 days before the Festival + Sunday after the Festival:

10 teams of two people each (or one person?) @ 2 hours putting up/taking down lawn signs at street crossings at the Semiahmoo Peninsula Sunday, a week before the event and Sunday after the event.

1 week before the Festival + first Saturday in January:

10 volunteers @ 3 hours or less each putting up/taking down decorations in lobby, art room and presentation room at WR Community Centre.

1 day before the festival (set-up day Friday) 8 am – 10 am + Festival day 6pm – 8 pm:

7 volunteers to transport equipment from/to U-Lock, build frames + set up/take down of table and chairs or building/take down frames.

4 volunteers to do skirting to and put up decorations.

1 day before the festival (set–up day Friday) + First Saturday in January:

1 volunteer @ 1 hour assisting Set-up/takedown of nativity display in Lobby, White Rock Community Centre.

On Festival day Russell Mews North Barricades: Times: 7am – 9:30 am, 9:20 am – 12 noon, 12 noon – 2:30 pm, 2:30 pm -5 pm

4 teams of 1 – 2 people, each group volunteers 2 1/2 hour in the morning or afternoon, do Russell Mews Barricade manning, making sure no cars park on Miramar Village Plaza. Volunteers may sit in their cars and come out when somebody wants to drive through the barricade with their car.

On Festival Day 10 am – 11 am + 6 pm – 7 pm:

6 volunteers to put up/take down tents and decorate with garlands and red bows.

On Festival Day 3:30 pm– 4:20 pm:

8 new marshals to team up with eight experienced marshals to do traffic control on the Christmas Parade route.

As soon as possible: Carolling groups singing on Johnston Road/Five Corners:

8 groups @ 3-6 people singing at/outside various events venues 12 pm – 2 pm or 2 pm – 4 pm. Just love for singing is required and lots of breaks taken going from place to place. A shuttle bus is used for transport to and from Five Corners.


Poster distribution, lawn signs – please contact Glen Rabuka  @ 604-541-2806 or by email

Christmas Parade Marshalls, Russell Mews Barricade manning, transporting, set-up and take-down etc.  Entries in the Christmas parade, carolling, putting up/taking down decorations, skirting Please contact Liv Butow at 604-542-3776 or by email