Christmas on the Peninsula


Volunteers needed for the 2017 Christmas on the Peninsula Festival

Without volunteers, we could not put on this festival, but every year it is a challenge to find enough people to do so. Would you please help us? The most urgent positions are:

Volunteer Managers on the organizing team: You must have daily access to a computer and be proficient in using it (Email, MS Word) and be able to manage people and processes. These positions are for a duration of two months (October/November)

Volunteers to organize an entry in the Christmas Story Section of the Christmas Parade: This may include finding people and props including a flatbed or garden trailer. These volunteers may start in November but preferably earlier.

Volunteers to put up decorations, tables and chairs for the Christmas Market, help with the concessions, etc on the day before and during the festival.

Please contact: Liv Butow 604-542-3776


Volunteers to help with set-up and take down of decorations, props tables and chairs as well as traffic control are always needed.

Please contact: Bob Humphries 604-531-6162 C: 604-365-1808